About Us

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Who We are

Clever Clogs Games have been creating exciting and entertaining educational games for over 18 years. Founded by teachers, all of our games are designed with a focus on furthering each child’s early years education. Our games will teach your child various basic skills such as phonics, sentences, communication and counting, and can be played in groups, pairs, or with the child on their own.


All of the games encourage interaction and involvement and this enhances communication skills and bonding between children and adults. Most of the games offer alternate ways of playing, furthering creativity and allowing the child to apply and enhance different developmental skills and abilities.

All of the products are made from high quality materials. The games and their vibrant artwork is sure to keep children engaged and ensure they have fun whilst learning. This has earned us numerous awards and acknowledgements from the likes of Nursery World, Practical Pre-School, Play Matters and various schools. Perfect for a classroom resource or to supplement their school learning whilst at home.